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September 2015

Transport secretary to axe pointless traffic signs

Transport Secretary to axe pointless traffic signs that clutter the roads as it's revealed they've more than doubled in number in 20 years to 4.5million
Fed up of road signs warning of obvious speed bumps and lane closures, or just informing you that the sign isn’t in use?
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has called for an end to ‘pointless’ signs – saying they confuse drivers and make the roads more dangerous.
Regulations are set to be tightened up, as it is revealed the number of signs cluttering Britain’s roads has more than doubled in 20 years to 4.

Testing the patience of drivers

The UK driving test isn’t fit for purpose, but any changes are likely to be years away.
Two years ago, a bill amending the Road Traffic Act had its first hearing. The idea was to bring in Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL), something that’s badly needed if the latest research is anything to go by. Campaign group RoadSafe says 89 per cent of young drivers pass their test with less than the recommended 40 hours of tuition time. And one in five then has an accident within six months of getting a full licence.

Learner drivers forced to wait upto four months